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I decided to do an experiment on the longevity of a few different brands of kinesiotape. My n=1 experiment consisted of testing 4 different tapes (KT Tape, Theraband, Kinesiotex Gold, and Rock Tape) to see which one truly lasted the longest. I performed the same exact application every time (for patellar tracking) on both knees with clean legs without any lotion to try to control the conditions as much as possible. The kinesiotape potentially stayed on through showers, dancing, teaching, rehearsals, painting the office at my house, and doing PT work, so I wasn’t sedentary in the least. Please note that, if it lasted long enough, I removed all tape after day 7 to allow my skin to breathe. The video here shows my findings with updates on each of the tapes as I went (please excuse the one video I did in which my phone decided to change the orientation from landscape to portrait). I also took a few photos (below) of my knees after I removed the longest lasting tapes so that I could document any redness or irritation to my skin.

And now, for the results!

And the winner is…….

1. Theraband Kinesiotape

The Theraband Kinesiotape lasted for 7+ days with minor fraying at the edges. I had no redness or irritation after I removed the tape. No peeling was noted during the week. Here’s a picture of my knees after taking it off:

2. Rock Tape & Kinesiotex Gold

There was actually what I would deem a tie for 2nd place. Both Rock Tape and Kinesiotex Gold also lasted 7+ days. For Rock Tape, there was no peeling up of the tape from the edges, but some fraying was present. The potential downside here was some minor skin irritation around the knee once the tape was removed. I commented on this in the video, and I’ll attach a few pictures here. Again, for me, this was mild. But if you know you have sensitive skin, or are putting it on an area that doesn’t already have some tough skin (as knees and elbows tend to be a it tougher), you may want to go with a different brand.

The Kinesiotex Gold also lasted 7+ days. There was some minor peeling on one knee for me as well as a little fraying (which occurred with ¾ brands), but the area that started peeling after day 2 hadn’t grown much (only a little bit) by day 7, so it was still pretty long-lived. This tape also did not leave any redness or irritation on my skin once I removed it.

4. KT Tape

The KT tape did not hold up well for me. While there was no fraying, it just didn’t seem to adhere very well to my skin, and only lasted 1 day. I’m not sure if I got a bad batch of tape from them, but it certainly didn’t last as long as the others I tested. You may have a different experience with this brand of tape, but all I can do is report my findings. Based on my experiment, if you’re looking for longevity, there are better bands out there.


Well, there you have it. There are other brands out there that I haven’t tried, but of four of the major brands of kinesiotape, there are certainly some that stand out as exceptional when it comes to durability and longevity. Please keep in mind that I also only tested this on my knees, and other areas of the body may be different. Humidity, bodyhair, and activities can also affect durability and longevity. And again, if you know you have sensitive skin, or if you’re working with a certain patient population or clientele that does, please be aware that tape may affect them differently and choose wisely. Any of these brands may react differently on an inner thigh than a knee, and my results aren’t guaranteed to be yours. With that being said, I hope this helps you in your search for a tape that serves you or your patients/clients best.




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